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Create compassionate and resilient communities where children and families thrive.

Our Goal, Vision & Commitment

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Who we are

We are an organization of volunteers in Payne County who bring energy and expertise
to empower change to become a trauma-sensitive resilient county. 

We are changing the culture. 

Kids who feel like they matter become resilient.

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Annette Jacobi 

Big Brothers Big Sisters

CASA for Kids 


Payne County Youth Services  The Saville Center

Stillwater Cares

United Way of Payne County  Wings of Hope

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Thank You
to the starting RPC agencies.

I have seen kids live with ACES - they are real, and they need our help.

Caryl Talley

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  • Bus Stop at SMC Pediatric Clinic allowing children and parents easy access to clinics

  • Handle with Care, a community partnership program conducted by Stillwater Police Department and Stillwater Public School to ensure children exposed to trauma receive appropriate interventions

  • Stillwater Public School Board Trauma-Informed Resolution (1st district in the state to pass such a resolution)

  • Early Bird School Readiness classes to help families get a smart start for school success

  • Infant Toddler Court program in Payne County to help improve the health, safety, well-being and development of infants, toddlers and families involved in the child welfare system

  • Youth workshops teaching resilience skills in collaboration with OSU Outdoor Adventure

  • Expedited the return of the Home Visitation Program Children 1st in collaboration with the OK Department of Health

  • Professional Continuing Education for public school teachers, preschool educators and area physicians

  • Community education seminars open to the general public and offered each semester

Join Us

in developing solutions that support  resilience -building practices
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