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Payne County Helping Hands

What is Payne County Helping Hands? 

Resilient Payne County has partnered with the Department of Humans Services to establish this community volunteer program - Payne County (PC) Helping Hands. The goal of Helping Hands is to provide assistance to the Department of Human Services and help build a positive environment for children and families.


Helping Hands provides a valuable network of support for communities countywide. If you have ever wondered how you can help make a difference, Helping Hands provides that opportunity. Partner with us to support children and families and make a difference in their lives. You choose the amount of time you can commit and how you want to volunteer.


Payne County Helping Hands is an integral part of the Payne County Department of Human Services. A broad range of volunteer opportunities are available to help serve DHS clients and staff including personalized ways to help children, families, staff and communities.​ Every effort is made to place Helping Hands volunteers in opportunities that best meet their abilities and interests. As a volunteer, you do not replace paid staff but donate your time and skills to supplement staff services.

Opportunities include: 
o Supervise children with social workers at DHS office during placement process
o Set up and help maintain learning centers in visitation rooms
o Supervise children during the placement process
o Keep DHS emergency supplies closet stocked
o Sit with and rock hospitalized babies in DHS care
o Monthly DHS staff appreciation
o And more


How do I volunteer? 


The DHS Helping Hands Volunteer Champion is Caryl Talley. Interested volunteers should send their contact information including name, email and phone number to Caryl will send your contact information to DHS. You will be contacted by DHS personnel within two days and sent a Volunteer Services Application packet. The online application must be completed or mailed into the DHS office and an interview held prior to a volunteer placement. The application collects basic demographic information, preferences for placement and personal interests. DHS will provide orientation and training sessions for volunteers. Volunteer assignments are matched to your interest, skills and availability. f you are unable to donate time, consider donating items to emergency supply needs such as children’s clothing, baby items and snacks.

Volunteer Now!

Thanks for submitting! Caryl Talley will reach out to you shortly.

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